Present like Steve Jobs

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R.I.P. Steve Jobs – when he was still alive clients and friends repeatedly told me they wanted to be able to “present like Steve Jobs”.

That’s aiming high and in the right direction as not only were his keynotes always memorable (at least for Apple fans) but reportedly he rehearsed a lot.

However, two facts oppose the possibility of being able to present like Steve Jobs did: To begin with anyone I have known so far presented a product or concept that everyone in the audience wanted anyway (as much wanted as new Apple products are wanted by their fans). This means that only those who have really sexy and hyped products or concepts have a chance of getting close to Jobs. But the second obstacle is insurmountable: We’re not Steve Jobs.

The series of blogposts will have analyses and portraits of presentations, keynotes and their respective speakers who are far from being as famous for their presos as Steve Jobs was. By and by, the posts will form a gallery of people showing that different, individual ways lead to being a successful presenter. A successful presentation – that’s the hypothesis by now – is done by someone who has fun doing it, who is able to make his or her point and who is therefore memorable to his/her audience. Beyond stage show – everyone as he or she can. Stay tuned.